List of demands of Apple before making iPhones in India


       List of demands of Apple before making iPhones in India

List of demands of Apple before making iPhones in India
Last month, Apple announced plans to make iPhones for the Indian market in Bengaluru in association with Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer for Apple and will start production by April 2017.
But Apple has a list of demands before making iPhones in India.
1. 15-year custom duty exemption


Apple has sought 15-year Customs duty exemption on manufacturing and repair inputs (raw materials), yield loss on inputs, components, capital equipment (including parts), and consumables for smartphone manufacturing and services/repair for domestic and export markets.

2. Concessions like relaxation in labelling rules

The iPhone maker has requested for concessions like relaxation in labelling rules, so that it doesn’t have to print product info on its devices, and tax incentives in return for setting up a manufacturing unit in the country.


3. Used smartphones to assemble locally

Apple has proposed to bring used smartphones and assemble them locally. The government has rejected this. Nevertheless, it got local sourcing norms relaxed from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion to open its stores in the country.

The list of prerequisites demanded by Apple for setting up iPhone facility in India will be reviewed and discussed with senior officials from ministries, including IT and finance, on January 25. Officials from departments of commerce, industrial policy and promotion (DIPP), revenue, environment and forest, electronics and information technology (DeITY) will take part in the deliberations.

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